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Der - Masculine

Die - Feminine

Das - Neuter

Die - Plural

Most nouns ending in -en, -el, -ling, -ner, -ismus, -ig,
-ich, or -er are masculine: der Vogel (bird), der Frühling
(spring), der Vater (father).

Nouns ending in -heit, -ie, -ik, -age, -ei ,-ion, -itis,
-keit, -ur, -schaft, -tät,…

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Two additional rules allow plural forms to be predicted
with even higher accuracy:

3. Words ending in an unstressed syllable made up of a
vowel or two vowels together take the plural form -s.
4. Nouns that end in -e or -e + consonant will not have an
-er plural…


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