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Question words
You can ask a question by starting with a question word.
(Remember that the verb comes next). Most German question
words start with w:
Wer ­ who
Wo ­ where
Wohin ­where (to)
Woher ­ where from
Wann ­ when
Was ­ what
Wie how
Warum why
Wie viel (e) how much/many
Wo wohnst du? Where do you live?
Wann kommt sie? When is she coming?
Wer ist das? Who is that?
Wohin gehst du? Where are you going (to)?
Woher kommst du? Where do you come from?
Verb first

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You can also ask questions by placing the verb at the front of the
sentence in the present tense.
Du hörst Musik. Hörst du Musik?
You are listening to music. Are you listening to music?
Mandy ist sportlich. Ist Mandy sportlich?
Mandy is sporty. Is Mandy sporty?
1. Translate ­ Tanze ich Musik?
2. Wohnen wir in der Wohnwagen?
3. Are they reading books?
4. Is he going into town?
1. Translate When are you doing your homework?
2.…read more


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