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German Conjunctions

aber but, nevertheless (no mutual exclusion)

allerdings admittedly

als when

als ob as if

als wenn as if

anderseits on the other hand

anschliessend afterwards

ausgenommen wenn except for

außer dass &except if, except when

bald...bald / sometimes....sometimes

bevor before

bis until

da because, since [conditional]


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German Conjunctions

deswegen therefore

doch however, yet, still, nevertheless

Durchaus Quite, definitely, absolutely

ehe before

einerseits... andererseits on the one hand... on the other hand...

endlich finally

falls in case, if

ferner furthermore

folglich consequently

Gelegentlich Occasionally, Sometimes

immerhin anyhow

In der Regel As a (general) rule, normally

indem by…

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German Conjunctions

seitdem since

selbst even, itself, -self

so dass so much that

so... so as... as

sobald as soon as

Sogar even, yet, actually, in fact

solange as long as, provided that

sondern rather, but

sonst otherwise

sooft as often as

soviel as much as

soweit as far as…

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German Conjunctions

wie lange how long

wie oft how often

wieviel how much

wo where (at)

woher where (from)

wohin where (to)

zuerst firstly

zufällig by chance

zum einen (einmal)... zum anderen On the one hand... on the other hand...

zwar indeed


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