German Conjunctions

Hope this helps, a list of German conjunctions and joining words. I find it helpful to have this list by me whilst I am translating/writing essays.

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German Conjunctions
aber but, nevertheless (no mutual exclusion)
allerdings admittedly
als when
als ob as if
als wenn as if
anderseits on the other hand
anschliessend afterwards
ausgenommen wenn except for
außer dass &except if, except when
bald...bald / sometimes....sometimes
bevor before
bis until
da because, since [conditional]
da since because
dabei with it
dadurch through it
daher therefore
damit so that
danach afterwards
darauf after
darum therefore
dass that
davor before that
dazu to that
for, because anyway (for it so happens
denn that)
dennoch nevertheless

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German Conjunctions
deswegen therefore
doch however, yet, still, nevertheless
Durchaus Quite, definitely, absolutely
ehe before
einerseits... andererseits on the one hand... on the other hand...
endlich finally
falls in case, if
ferner furthermore
folglich consequently
Gelegentlich Occasionally, Sometimes
immerhin anyhow
In der Regel As a (general) rule, normally
indem by (do)ing (something)
indessen meanwhile
inzwischen meanwhile
Je.... Desto the...…read more

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German Conjunctions
seitdem since
selbst even, itself, -self
so dass so much that
so... so as... as
sobald as soon as
Sogar even, yet, actually, in fact
solange as long as, provided that
sondern rather, but
sonst otherwise
sooft as often as
soviel as much as
soweit as far as
sowohl... als auch both... and
teils... teils partly... partly
Trotzdem nevertheless
und and
unterdessen meanwhile
Vor allem above all, especially, most of all
vorausgesetzt dass given that
während while, during
warum why
was what
weder...…read more

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German Conjunctions
wie lange how long
wie oft how often
wieviel how much
wo where (at)
woher where (from)
wohin where (to)
zuerst firstly
zufällig by chance
zum einen (einmal)... zum anderen On the one hand... on the other hand...…read more


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