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Topic 1 Restless Earth

Our earth is made up of 1. __ spheres known as the atmosphere,
hydrosphere, 2.__________ and geosphere with all 4 linked together.
To us the most important is the biosphere because that's where plants
and animals live, however the other spheres influence us too. The

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The final plate margin is known as a 15.___________ plate margin and
occurs where two tectonic plates are forced to slide past each other. The
San 16.__________ Fault in the USA is a great example of this. Draw
this margin here.

Friction at these plate margins triggers earthquakes while fractures…

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12000 houses being destroyed and 400,000 people had to be evacuated. Many became
refugees (people forced to move). In the days after the eruption, an international relief effort was
mounted. The UN sent over 260 tonnes of food, governments around the world gave over
£35million in aid to the refugees…


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