Geography Volcanooes Case Study - Montserrat, 1995-7

My revision notes on the Volcanic eruption on the island of Monterrat between the years of 1995 and 1997.


- A timeline of the volcanic activity

- Impacts (human and enviromental)

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Volcano Eruption: Montserrat, 1995-7
Volcano Activity
18th July `95
First puffs of ash and steam explosions, ashfalls and earthquakes
8th August `95
More intense tremors and explosions
A huge burst of steam and a cloud of ash reached 2,500 metres causing Plymouth (the
capital) to be plunged into darkness
4th December `95
Plymouth was evacuated after a series of minor ash eruptions
27th March `96
A huge ash cloud developed which ignited trees
April `96
Continuous earthquakes and ash eruptions cause the south of the island to be evacuated
Pyroclastic flows and large amounts of ash are erupted
25th June `97
7 villages destroyed and the airport was abandoned
Late August
Volcano seems to settle down

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Fires destroyed woodlands and floods washed away houses
23 people killed
People forced to move to the north of the island where there are no school or hospitals…read more


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