Geography Unit 1 Exam - Challenges to the planet facts

Some Facts you need to know for the second section of the Unit 1 -Geography Skills paper 

Saves you from wasting your time reading through the text book 


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Negative Effects of Climate Change
Changing patterns of crop yields
Affects countries closest to the equator
In Africa, Mozambique = longer drought periods + shorter grower periods
In India = 50% land to grow crops like wheat - DRIER + HOTTER weather
Rising Sea Levels
Between 1993 ­ 2006: 3.3mm sea level rise
End of century 88cm rise = affect low lying cities (New York + London)
Retreating Glaciers
90% of glaciers in Antarctica have retreated
Retreating Glaciers = Change in ocean water movement
Artic = Temperatures in Europe to match cold temperatures across Atlantic
More storms and floods
Especially if building continue to be built on flood plains
Greenpeace predicted that the Great Barrier Reef will be dead within 30 years
Suffer from coastal flooding
Rises by 1m = 17.5% land lost
Global Response to climate change
1992: United Nations had a meeting in Rio De Janeiro (Earth Summit)
1997: Kyoto Protocol was signed
Kyoto Protocol: Countries accepted to reduce carbon emissions by 5.2%
Europe = 8%
By 2008: 181 Countries signed it
Large Companies
50% of people changed their phones every year
44% of old phones are in drawers at home
Persuading people to recycle old phones
Recycle old phones = Gold rings + Trumpets
Save 240,000 tonnes of raw materials
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Products arrived in polythene wrap
This plastic was sent to landfill like 4 times a week = £££
Company called Mil-tek produce machines which bale plastic
Bale plastic to 10% of original size
Mil-tek recycle the plastic = Asda get more money for plastic than having to get it taken away
London-Congestion Charges
Charges to allow drivers to enter the city centre
Congestion charge = £8
21% decrease in traffic levels
12% increase in cycling journeys
Cambridge- Park and Ride
5 car parks…read more


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