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What is a rainforest and where are they situated.
Weather and Climate.
Living Things.
Food Web.
Interesting Stuff.…read more

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What is a rainforest and where
are they situated?
Tropical rainforests are located in a band around
the equator.
They are found in South America, West Africa,
Australia, Southern India, and Southeast Asia.
Rainforests very dense, warm, wet forests.…read more

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Weather and climate
· The average daytime temperature is 35 C and it changes very little throughout
the year.
·Night time temperatures are around 2 to 3 C cooler than daytime.
· The average rainfall is around 1000mm
a day (yearly, nearly equal to height of a
four story building.)
·There are few changes in
temperature because throughout
year, the sun's rays barely
change the direction on the
earth's surface.
· At noon each day, the sun is
almost directly overhead.…read more

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South America Living things Australia
· insects · Mammals
· Mammals · Birds
· Birds · Reptiles
· Reptiles · Insects
· Fish · Amphibians
Southeast Asia
West Africa · Mammals
· Mammals · Birds
· Birds · Insects…read more

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Food web…read more

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