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The Restless Earth…read more

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Inside the Earth
The Crust: Thin outer shell, made up of solid
Mantle: Just below the surface. So hot that
some rocks are semi-molten and flow about in
slow moving currents.
Core: The centre part of the earth. Very hot.
Plate: Big slab of the Earth's crust.
Plate boundary: Where plates meet.…read more

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More about the Earth's Crust
The crust is rather like a huge jigsaw puzzle. It
is broken into pieces called plates. The places
where plates meet are called plate
These huge plates do the following.
They float on the heavier, semi-molten rock of
the mantle
They collide with and separate from each other.…read more

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More about the Earth's Crust (2)
These movements cause activities such as
folding, earthquakes and volcanic activity to
happen at plate boundaries. The activities
then give rise to landscape features or
landforms such as fold mountains and
volcanic mountains.
***REPEAT ABOVE LETTERS***…read more

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Where plates collide
1. Currents of molten rock in the earth's
mantle drag the plates slowly towards each
Deep ocean trenches (valleys) might occur
where one plate is pulled under the other.
Fold mountains are formed.
Earthquakes happen.…read more

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Where plates separate.
1. Currents of molten rock in the Earth's
mantle slowly drag plates apart from each
2. Where the plates separate, volcanic
material rises up from the mantle to form
volcanic island, volcanic mountains and long
mid-ocean ridges.

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