Geography-Rainforests-Causes of Deforestation


Causes of Deforestation

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Causes of Deforestation:
1. Tourism
2. Mining and Industry
3. Fuel wood
4. Logging
5. Cash crops and Cattle Ranching
6. Shifted Cultivators
Tourism: The creation of national parks has undoubtedly helped to protect rainforests. Yet, as
national parks are open to the public, tourism is damaging some of these areas.
Mining and Industry: Developments lead to direct forest loss due to the clearing of land to
establish projects. Indigenous people are displaced. Roads are constructed through
previously inaccessible land, opening up the rainforest. Severe water, air and land
pollution occurs from mining and industry.
Fuel wood: Trees cut down to be used for cooking and heating.
Logging: Large areas of rainforest are destroyed in order to remove only a few logs. The
heavy machinery used to penetrate the forests and build roads causes extensive damage.
Trees are felled and soil is compacted by heavy machinery, decreasing the forest's
chance for regeneration.
Cash crops and Cattle Ranching: Rainforest areas are being totally cleared to provide land for
food crops, tree plantations or for grazing cattle.
Shifted Cultivators: Is the term used for people who have moved into rainforest areas and
established small-scale farming operations. These are the landless peasants who have
followed roads into already damaged rainforest areas. The additional damage they are
causing is extensive. Shifted cultivators are currently being blamed for 60% of tropical
forest loss.
Deforestation is happening in the Amazon Rainforest because more room is needed for
housing, farming and the demand of hard wood is growing. As well as that, natural causes
such as fires are burning down the rainforest. Logging is quite common, especially the
growing rate of illegal logging, which means it, is cut down without permission and the
timber is sold. Also slash-and-burn is a reason for deforestation. It is an agricultural
technique involving cutting and burning down forests and woodlands

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The graph shows that 1985-2004 the rate of deforestation in the Amazon has been quite high. This
was especially in 1995, it decreased after that, but it got gradually high. This means that 2005
onwards would be even higher, especially with the growing birth rate and immigration rate.
Soil-the trees and their roots anchor the soil, without the trees in the rainy season the soil will get
wash away.
Biodiversity - Rainforests have the highest number of different species including plants, trees and
insects.…read more

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