Geography Migration Mexico to USA information

information on the migration from Mexico to the USA, includes Push and Pull factors, impacts on both countries, solve the problem. 

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Amelia hill
Population ­ Migration Case Study.
Millions of Mexican people migrated from Mexico to the USA for overall a better quality of
life which Mexico couldn't provide them with. Since claiming the top spot among all
immigrant groups in the 1980 census, the Mexican immigrant population in the United
States has continued to outsize other immigrant groups. In 2008, there were 11.4 million
Mexican immigrants in the United States, accounting for 30.1 percent of all US immigrants
and 10 percent of all Mexicans. Over half of all Mexican immigrants reside in the United
States illegally. There is a 2000km border between USA and Mexico and 1 million + Mexicans
migrate to the USA every year.
These graphs show that
people moved from North
Mexico to Southern America
mostly, this is from Mexico,
they also show the most
popular migration places
and how many moved.
Push Factors:

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In Mexico they had extremely poor medical facilities and number of trained doctors ­
approximately 1800 per doctor, so seeing a doctor if you were ill would have been a
The life expectancy is 72 years old; this would be due to poor medical services and
poor housing quality and quality of life, including poor lifestyle and education.…read more

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The USA have excellent facilities and services such as medical services with only 400
people per doctor meaning you are much likely to be seen by a doctor if you are ill
and injured. This increases the health of people increasing the life expectancy.
The life expectancy is better In the USA than Mexico which will attract people as they
will want to live longer and be healthier.…read more

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The Mexican culture has enriched the US Border States with food, language and
music, so where there is most of them they have brought new activities and events
to states, enlightening villages as many people welcome new routines.
As most of the migrants were young people they were willing to work and so there
has been an increase of young adults meaning more taxes, which benefits the US
economy.…read more

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A lot of this can be sent back to Mexico. Altogether the total
amount which is sent back home is around $6billion.
Despite the relative stagnation of the US economy, the flow of money seems to
carry on growing, according to recent data, in 2003 it increased by 35% - the total
amount sent that year to Mexico was more than $13billion.…read more

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Also the US have employed 5,500 border agents with tracking dogs and are
also using helicopters, the border is 3,326km long, this has proven effective as
nowhere near as many immigrants can cross the border and illegally serve in the
United States of America.…read more


Mr A Gibson

Top quality... This is very thorough as it covers all the push/pull factors for this case study but also the advantages and disadvantages to the host and recipient country of migration. Some in depth information which you woudl do well to learn in this well known case study of migration from Mexico to the USA.

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