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Geography investigation
The gradient of the managed section is higher than the unmanaged section

Walton on the Naze, Essex, UK

Characteristics of the area
The beach is split into two sections managed and unmanaged as shown below, there was a cost
benefit analysis done and it was found…

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Theodolite: Helps view the ranging pole from a level point

Tape measure: Used to measure how far along the transect the measurement or investigation is

Clipboard: Results are written down onto this.

First we would set the tape measure out along the transect of the beach from the…

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So from this I conclude that the gradient is higher in the managed section of the beach, although my
data does show some obscurities in my data there seem to be a clear trend in the data which is
shown by my graph. But it is hard to say how…

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Overall I think my conclusion is not valid although the data shows a clear trend which shows a
difference in the two area gradients plus there are no outliers which stand out from the data, but my
conclusion would of been better if I repeated it by using different transects…


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