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Glacial Erosion

As glaciers move over the landscape, they are able to change it through the processes
of weathering and erosion. The rock that is removed by these processes is then transported
by the glacier and deposited elsewhere. We do not understand precisely how the processes of
glacial erosion take…

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The process of plucking (also known as quarrying), results in the
removal of much larger fragments of bedrock than that undertaken by
abrasion. The process is most effective on well jointed rock and that
which has been preweakened by weathering processes such
as freezethaw and pressure release. Plucking…

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Rates of glacial erosion
Stationary glaciers (coldbased glaciers) are much less erosive than warm basedglaciers. It is
the mobility of warmbased glaciers, due to the presence of meltwater, and the material that
they transport that facilitates greater amounts of erosion. There are a number of factors affecting
rates of glacial…


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