Geography Edexcel B Dynamic Planet Unit 1 REVISION CARDS

Restless Earth Revision Cards 

If you want to print them, you'll have to fold each card where the blue line in the middle is and glue it down. You can then use it to test yourself on the questions. I recommend going through the cards once before you revise and put the cards into two piles; Know, and Need to revise. Then go through and learn the cards in the Need to revise pile. 

Exams are so soon and I need all the good karma I can get! I hope these are as useful for you as they were to me. Good luck! :)

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Describe the layers of What are convection
the earth currents
Oceanic- basaltic (thicker but less dense)
Continental- granitic Convection currents are heat currents
that move in a circular motion beneath
the crust of the Earth. They are made
when the core heats up the molten rock
in lower mantle, the hot molten rock
nearest to the core rises, cools down and
sinks to be heated up again by the core.
Nickel and iron This causes plate tectonics to move.
Features of a composite
What are plumes?
Plumes are parts of convection cells where ·Magma is thick and viscous
heat moves towards the surface. They ·Mix of basaltic and granitic magma
create concentrated zones of heat and ·Steep sided
bring magma to the surface. If magma ·Lava explodes
breaks through the crust, it erupts as lava ·Pyroclastic
in a volcano. flows
·Ash clouds
·Mostly form
at destructive
boundaries…read more

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Give an example of a
Give an example of a
constructive plate
collision plate boundary
Mid Himalayas,
Atlantic between
Ridge, Nepal and
Iceland China
Give an example of a Give an example of a
conservative plate destructive plate
boundary boundary
The Andes, South America
San Andreas Fault, Nazca
San Francisco South
plate…read more

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Give an example of a Give an example of a
composite volcano shield volcano
Mount St Helens, USA Mauna Loa,
Give an example of a Give ways scientists can
volcanic eruption in an predict an earthquake
LEDC and some facts
about it
Mount Nyragongo in the Republic of Congo ·Seismology: Looking for vibrations and
·100 deaths trapped in lava, poisonous ·Analysing the composition of gases given
gas out by the magma- the greater the amount
·Old men and women could not escape as of gases being, the greater the amount of
the fissures opened up and lava spewed up magma. If sulphur dioxide levels increase
·400,000 evacuated the volcano is likely to erupt in a matter of
·Lava rush and triggered earthquakes days.
destroyed homes 120,000 homeless
people…read more

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Features of a shield Primary impacts of
volcano volcanoes
·Magma is runny ·Ash clouds impact on aviation
·Basaltic magma ·Ash respiratory problems, roofs
·Gentle slope at could collapse, acts as a fertiliser so
sides makes soil ideal for farming
·Lava flows in ·Pyroclastic flow
rivers ·Boulders destroy buildings and kill
·Mostly form people
over hotspots ·Lava burn houses down and could
cause forest fires
Secondary impacts of What is lake overturn?
·Landslides/avalanches Lake overturn is when CO2 bubbles up
·Boiling water and mud engulfing a town from the bottom of a lake during an
eruption, due to the vibrations of the
volcanic eruption, and suffocates
every living thing in its path.…read more

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What is a fissure?
What is a lahar?
When a dormant volcano has turned into a A crack in the ground in which lava can
lake and erupts, causing hot water, ash and flow.
rocks to flow out of the volcano and
submerge surrounding areas in a mix of hot
water, ash, lava
and rocks.
What is a Pyroclastic
flow and what is its What is lake overturn?
impact on people?
Pyroclastic flows are hot clouds of ash, Lake overturn is when CO2 bubbles up
rock and debris that flow down the sides from the bottom of a lake during an
of the volcano- it buries areas and eruption, due to the vibrations of the
destroys everything in its path, so people volcanic eruption, and suffocates every
are killed and whole towns are ruined. living thing in its path.…read more

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What are the 10
What is an ash cloud and
methods of disaster
what impact does it have
management for volcanic
on people?
Ash clouds are large hot clouds of ash that 1. Gas samples more CO2 and sulphur dioxide
volcanoes may release when it erupts. It can more likely to erupt
2. Lava samples chemical composition compare to
kill people by suffocating them, and can also fissures
clog aeroplane engines and stop them from 3. Tilt meters detects swelling due to magma
flying. 4. Boreholes measure water temperature as
magma heats it up
5. Lava bomb shelter
6. Evacuation
7. Aircraft measure amount of gas released
8. Concrete lahar channels divert mud flows
9. Seismometers monitor earthquakes which
increase as magma rises
10. Satellites monitor swelling
How do earthquakes
occur? What is the focus and
epicentre of an
1. Plates begin to move past each other The focus is the point of origin of an
2. Tension and pressure builds up as earthquake.
plates continue to move. The epicentre is the point on the
3. The plates suddenly jolt past each ground directly above the focus of an
other with a lot of force. earthquake.
4. The energy is released as they move
further and this is when people feel
the earthquake.…read more

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