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Geography Snapshot Notes (DynPl)
Dynamic Planet
Restless Earth

Tectonic Plates

The Earths Structure and tectonic movement
The earth's core is 5000°c ­ these high temperatures are caused by radioactive decay
The heat given off by the earth's core causes convection currents in the mantle and these convection currents
drive plate…

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o One of the plates gets forced under ­ and the carbon in the crust gets heated and CO2 gets formed
o The pressure, because the CO2 gas needs to escape builds up and causes an earthquake and
composite volcano
o The subduction zone is the area where the one…

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Building Techniques
o Designed to withstand pyroclastic and lava flows ­ strengthened so withstand hot ash
o Barriers divert lava away
o All this reduces unemployment after the volcano
Placement planning
o Avoiding risk areas and using fire breaks
o Emergency service planning and prep
o Evacuation routes

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o People evacuated and shelters were built
o £17 million sent in initial aid by UK - £41 mill in total
o Local emergency services
o Montserrat volcano observatory set up to predict future eruptions


Weak Shallow Earthquakes
Produced with constructive boundaries

Strong shallow Earthquakes
Destructive plate boundaries


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o Emergency couldn't reach for 30 hours
o 3.3 million tents
o International aid needed
o Troops brought in
o Government aid needed
o Aimed to rebuild in 3 years

WHAT: Collision Margin, 6.3 on Richter scale
WHERE: Italy, 6.04.2009
o 290 people died (P)

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Little Ice Age (Historical Climate Change) 1500-1850
Peak around 1630 with a 0.25 degree temperature drop
Precipitation increased and Winters were longer and harsher
Rivers and seas froze ­ Iceland lost half its population
Crops destroyed because of cold conditions and livestock died
o Farmers abandoned farms and falls in…

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oWater vapour/ dust particles: Cars, planes and factories etc.
oNitrous oxide (3% of GHG but 250 times more powerful than CO2): Aircraft, cars and lorries,
fertilisers and incinerators etc.
o Halocarbons: Solvents and cooking equipment
They rise and as it gets thicker it traps more and more heat
China USA…

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o Pressure on Governments to change


UK ­ impacts of Climate change
o Farmers grow new crops in the warmer climate e.g. Olives
o More money spent on dealing with extreme weather conditions ­ households are estimated to have
to pay 4% more
o Estimated 1% rise…

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Battle for the Biosphere

Key Terms
Biome A community of plants and animals that exist in a similar
climate e.g. Rainforest, Tundra or coral reef
Biosphere Part of the earth and its atmosphere ­ where living
systems exist ­ capable of supporting life
Permafrost Permanently frosty, semi frozen ground

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Deserts­ Dry, arid and hot in the day and cold at night(Mid e.g. North Africa)
Mountains ­ mountainous areas, e.g. Himalayas
Tropical Scrub Forest ­ Harsher forest/sparse, hot and slightly wet
Tropical Grassland and Savanna ­ Highly fertile land (e.g. Most of Africa) cool and slightly wet
Tropical Deciduous Forest…




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