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Fetch - the distance of open water over which the wind can blow.

Beach - a deposit of sand or shingle at the coast, often found at the head of a bay.

Crest - the top of a wave.

Swash - the forward movement of a wave up a beach.…

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Solution - the transport of dissolved chemicals. Often derived from limestone or chalk.

Suspension - lighter particles carried (suspended) within the water.

Traction - heavy particles rolled along the seabed.

Saltation - a hopping movement of pebbles along the seabed. Particles that are too heavy
to be suspended.

Longshore drift…

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Berm - Ridges or berms are common characteristics of a beach. They are small ridges
coinciding with high-tide lines and storm tides. Some beaches may have several berms, each
one representing a different high-tide level. (Berms on a beach at Deal on the Kent coast)

Causes of sea level rise…

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Vegetation succession - a sequence of vegetation species colonising and environment.


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