Geography B, Dynamic Planet, Unit 7: Oceans on the Edge (Revision to A*!)

Revision material that I got full marks on my exam for! Hope you like it.


Coral Reefs, Coasts, food webs, marine pressure case study, coastal mangment, global oceans managment.

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Unit 7: Oceans on the Edge

What different types of marine ecosystems are there and where are they located?
The distribution of marine ecosystems globally
Marine Ecosystem ­ Coral Reefs & Mangroves
Coral Reefs
Features of Coral Reefs:

Found in tropical waters (24°C - 26°C)
Found close to the shore…

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The distribution of coral reefs is very uneven
Most of those at high risk are in the Far East
There are very few low risk reefs in the Caribbean

Mangrove Swamps

Features and distribution of Mangrove Swamps:

Found in estuaries (A river mouth that is wide and experiences tidal…

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Food Webs
A food web is an interconnected chain of animals showing their mutual interdependence.

There are relatively low numbers of top carnivores compared with the number of pray that they feed on.
This is because top carnivores use high levels of energy when chasing their pray so must ear…

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Bleaching due to increasing temperatures.
Melting of ice = sea-levels rises, flood risks, light can't get far, salty water into freshwater environment

Marine Pressures - St. Lucia

Local Pressures:
Tourism is the main industry (45% of GDP). Waste/sewage from hotels, demand for reef jewellery,
and damage from guide boat anchors.…


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