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In Voting Behaviour…read more

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Consistent North/South divide in voting
behaviour in the UK.
The North (and Wales) tends to favour Labour
and the South favours the Conservatives.
During the 1980s, Labour councils in the North
were often openly dismissive of any orders from
the Thatcher government.
Labour gave Scotland devolved power.
Conservative very anti-independence and not
very willing to give Scotland more power.…read more

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In 2001 the Southern part
of England voted 56.3%
for the Conservatives
The North of England,
Scotland and Wales
voted 82.4% for Labour.
This pattern may be
linked to the industrial
past of the UK when
heavy industry and links
to trade unions were
concentrated in Central
Scotland, the North of
England and Wales.
2001 Results…read more

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In 2010, Labour
lost support in
Scotland and
Wales, generally
to the Lib Dems or
the SNP.
2010 Results…read more

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Following on from the 2007 local elections,
some newspapers claimed that the North-
South divide in politics was re-emerging, with
the North being generally supportive of
Labour and the South being generally
supportive of the Conservatives.
As of May 2007, the Conservatives have no
council seats in four large Northern cities:
Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle or
Sheffield; before the election, they were also
unrepresented in York.…read more

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Most of inner London is Labour-voting, and
some rural areas of Yorkshire are quite
fiercely Conservative, breaking the
North/South divide rule.…read more


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