Geographical Skills - Revision Lesson 4

Clear revision activities for the Unit 1 Edexcel exam on 13.6.11

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Geographical Skills ­ Revision Lesson 4
1. Using ICT
a. Describe how ICT can help us collect data.
b. Describe how ICT can help us display data.
c. Refer to your coursework. When you were completing your controlled
assessment, e.g. on rivers, describe the methods taken to write up your
investigation, and why ICT was easier to use.
2. GIS
a. Look at the image below and identify two benefits of using GIS.

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Now look at the image below. In what scenario would you most likely refer to the
information shown? In your answer, state the person that would most likely use
the information.
Relief and Land Use
Shape of land
c. Give the name of the layers that you would use to decide on the best location for
a hotel.
3. Databases
a. Name one useful database?
b. What kind of information does it supply us with?
c.…read more

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How do you think the census enables us to present data such as that shown
below?…read more


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