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1. What does periglacial mean? Where are the main areas subject to periglacialtion today?

Periglacial describes the land adjacent to glacial areas. This land does not have glacial charactaritcs of
ice sheets or glaciers, but instead key landforms due to displacement of soil materials, migration of
groundwater, all created by…

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3. What is permafrost and what are the different types? Outline their characteristics.
Get a map to show the distribution of permafrost in North America. Describe and
explain the distribution.

Permafrost is defined on the basis of temperature, as soil or rock that remains below 0°C throughout
the year, and…

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the form of Isolated Patches. The only occurrence of Subsea Permafrost is a small area on the coast of
Northern Canada, nearing the Arctic Circle.

4. What is the active layer ­ what happens to this through the year? What is talik?

The active layer is the upper zone of…


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