GEOG1 - Rivers - 1 - The Drainage Basin System

The first in a series of revision resources I have created for the AQA unit 1 exam (Physical and Human Geography) I have currently made these for the whole of the rivers module, please comment if you would like to see the same for population etc. Hope this is of help to everyone, good luck in the exam.

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Key Word Definition Factors which effect this
Precipitation The only input to the system where water Climate Speed of evaporation Wind
molecules in any form that fall from the Latitude Altitude Topography
atmosphere to the surface, such as rain, snow Amount of moisture in the atmosphere
and hail.
Interception A store where parts of plants get in the way of Temperature Density of leaves
precipitation, storing it on their leaves. Season Type of plant
Through fall A transfer where water drips off of leaves and Type of vegetation (can effect carrying capacity of
vegetation to the surface below. leaves)
Amount of precipitation
Surface storage A store of water on top of the top layer of soil Temperature Gradient
or rock, such as glaciers, lakes, puddles and Vegetation Topography
reservoirs. Type of surface Amount of rainfall
Infiltration A transfer of water from the surface to the soil Compaction & permeability Vegetation
as water soaks into pores in the ground. Antecedent moisture Altitude
Type of precipitation Distance from water
Soil water store A store of water within the pores in the soil Type of soil (effects compaction etc)
beneath the surface. Vegetation (can cause macro pores)
Percolation The transfer whereby water moves downward Geology (permeability of the rock) Antecedent
within the rock under the soil. moisture
Volume of water
Groundwater Store The store of water beneath the water table. Geology Water tables Topography
Groundwater Flow The slow transfer of water from the water table Seasons
to rivers and lakes, keeping them topped up, Topography
even in the heat of the summer. Geology

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Key Word Definition Factors which effect this
Vegetation store The store of water in plants that the plant has Temperature Type of plant
extracted from the soil store. Season Density of leaves
Evaporation The output whereby energy from the sun and Volume of water
the wind heats water, causing it to change state Air temperature
and become water vapour. Amount of interception
Transpiration The output when water is lost through Surface area of vegetation Air temperature
vegetation as it evaporates.…read more

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