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January 2009
Online 587

Callum Rae

Trade Versus Aid
Geofile will look at both approaches, countries were being encouraged
Introduction how they have been applied and what to use the same kind of model that
Since the 1950s we have been familiar effect they have had upon the…

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January 2009 no.587 Trade Versus Aid

adoption of Western-style capitalism Figure 2: The World Trade Centre in is further exacerbated by Western
is also seen to be beneficial politically, Seoul, South Korea. countries seeking to protect the
as capitalism tends to foster interests of their own farmers. A good

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January 2009 no.587 Trade Versus Aid

They question whether trade and Figure 3: ActionAid project: women top'. These are typically capital-
wealth alone are enough to deal with in this Indian village now market their intensive schemes aimed at
problems like famine, war, corruption own produce. improving the country as…

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January 2009 no.587 Trade Versus Aid

financial aid has been cut too. Many adjustment if they are to receive trade by themselves are enough to
donor countries lost the political will much-needed financial aid from these make a significant difference to the
to maintain aid programmes. The institutions. developing world,…


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