Genetic engineering

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Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering means altering the genes in a
living organism, to produce a Genetically Modified
Organism (GMO) with a new genotype.
Various kinds of genetic modification are possible:
inserting a foreign gene from one species into another,
forming a transgenic organism; altering an existing
gene so that its product is changed.
Techniques and proposes of genetic engineering
CDNA - To make a DNA copy of mRNA
Restriction Enzymes - To cut DNA at specific points, making small fragments
DNA Ligase - To join DNA fragments together
Gene Transfer - To deliver a gene to living cells
Genetic Markers - To identify cells that have been transformed
Replica Plating - To make exact copies of bacterial colonies on an agar plate
PCR - To amplify very small samples of DNA
DNA probes - To identify and label a piece of DNA containing a certain
Shotgun - To find a particular gene in a whole genome
Antisense genes - To stop the expression of a gene in a cell
Gene Synthesis - To make a gene from scratch
Electrophoresis - To separate fragments of DNA


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