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14.1 DNA Deoxyribose nucleic acid. Shaped into a double helix,
very stable.
Degenerate Most amino acids have more than one codon.
DNA Helicase Acts on a specific region of the DNA strand and breaks
the hydrogen bonds to separate the two strands.
DNA Polymerase An…

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15.1 Totipotency The ability for a cell to be turned to any body cell which
is desired. Stem cells are an example which can become
specialised to any function.
15.2 Oestrogen Lipid soluble molecule which diffuses into a cell and
combines with the receptor to release the
transcriptional factor.

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Restriction mapping Cutting DNA at different recognition sites to develop
how larger DNA strands are sequenced.
16.8 Genetic fingerprinting Determining how genetically similar two organisms are
by comparing introns from their DNA.
Core sequence A group of repeating introns.
Extraction Extract the DNA by separating it from the rest of…


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