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Genetic Explanations of Aggression: Studies

Canter (1973) - Found a correlation of 0.14 for monozygotic twins (MZs)
reared together.
O'Connor (1980) ­ Found a correlation of 0.72 for the same kind of
Miles and Carey (1997) ­ Suggest a heritability measure of aggression
of 50%.
Plomin et al (1990)…

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Public records were also examined regarding height, IQ, socioeconomic status
and criminal activities.
o Their findings confirmed results reported previously, 9.3% of the
XY subjects had been convicted of one or more crimes, whereas
41.7% of XYY subjects fell into this category (5!).
o Found no significant differences between the…

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o Maybe what is being inherited is not aggression itself, but maybe
an underlying characteristic (such as dominance/impulsivity)
that increases the probability of aggression.
o (Female convictions were too infrequent for the researchers to
make meaningful connections of parent and child convictions
Williams (1988) ­ States that a male's…

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Theilgaard (1981) ­ Available evidence suggests no differences in
aggressive behaviour between XXY and XY males. XXYs seem to suffer
mental impairment which may account for the high rates of
o They also reported the results of psychological tests and
interviews from the Witken et al (1976) study. Although…


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