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Genetic Engineering Glossary
Amplification Where samples of DNA can be multiples in order to generate lots of the same DNA which can
then be further used for genetic profiling for example
Anneal Hydrogen bond formation between complementary bases when sections of single stranded
DNA or RNA join together.
Annealing ­…

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Germline Cells/ This involves placing the gene into embryonic cells. The technique is not currently legal and
Germline Gene is deemed unethical
Genetic markers Antibiotic resistance genes held on bacterial plasmids are used as genetic markers to identify
the bacteria which have taken up the required gene. The gene…

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Vector A carrier. In DNA technology, refers to the agent that a piece of DNA from one cell into
another e.g. a bacterial plasmid
Xenotransplantation The transplantation of cells or organs from one species into the body of an organism of
another species.


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