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Genetic Engineering & Embryo Research
What is genetic Engineering & Embryo Research?
Genetic Engineering the technology involved in cloning,
gene therapy and gene manipulation.
Embryo research involves using tissues and stem cells from
embryos to find cures for serious illnesses.
Stem cells are `master' cells that can develop into any type
of cell, which makes them useful in repairing damaged
organs & body parts.
Embryonic stem cells are removed from early embryos in a
process, which destroys the embryo.
They may be left over from IVF treatment or created in a
laboratory from donated sperm and eggs.
Because the stem cells don't have the same genetic
makeup as patients, they will be rejected unless
antirejection drugs are used, so the best option is to make
new embryos by therapeutic cloning. A method of producing
stem cells to treat diseases such as Alzheimer's (the same
method used to create dolly the sheep).
This of course gives rise to another problem ­ the potential
of this development if limited by the supply of human eggs
and possible exploitation if poor women are paid for eggs
Think Kant Using people, as means to an end is
The Law
Embryos may not be experimented on past 14 days.
A human embryo cannot be placed in an animal.
Human cloning is not allowed.

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Genetically Modified Crops
Advantages Disadvantages
Can feed a lot of people. Unnatural
Can grow crops in places Playing god.
Slippery slope
where there's drought or
Effects unknown
harsh conditions.
Antibiotic resistant genes used
Conserve water, soil & in crops could get into
energy. bacteria.
Adaptable. Crosspollination
Better taste & quality.
Reduce hunger & malnutrition
through greater yield and
sturdier crops.
Don't require chemical
Animal Genetic Engineering
Advantages Disadvantages
Higher food yield. Could lead to a smaller gene
Better quality food.…read more

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Germline gene therapy is making changes to the
reproductive cells that will affect future generations i.e
could be used to eradicate any inherited disease. As it
will effect large numbers of future generations any
mistakes could have disastrous effects. You could
make people susceptible to viruses that have only
affected animals in the past. The risks are unknown.
Reduces the variety in the human gene pool.…read more


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