Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering- Is the deliberate
manipulation of the genes of an organism in order
to improve it.
Somatic Cell Therapy:
Most Muslims are in favour of this technology because
it uses adult stem cells not embryo stem cells
therefore there is no need to create new life or
destroy life. It introduces new genes into cells to
correct a faulty gene, which is causing a genetic illness.
Designer Babies:
Muslims disagree about this because Allah is the
creator of life. All human life is scared. A baby is a gift
from Allah not an item to be purchased.
Some Muslims think that designer babies are justified
if it is used to prevent unwanted inherited diseases.
Also, it is kinder to allow children to be born healthy
than to take a risk.
Saviour Siblings:
Some Muslims are against saviour siblings because
human life is sacred. The saviour sibling might only be
valued because he can save a brother or sister, not
valued in his/her own right.
Some Muslims argue that saviour siblings is a good use
of technology as it saves another person's life `If
anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the
life of the whole people'.
Parents may have many reasons for wanting children.


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