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P6d - Generating…read more

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Electromagnetic Induction…read more

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Moving a wire in a magnetic
Figure 1
·A current is only produced in the wire if it is moved up or down in the field
cutting through the lines of the magnetic field.
·Side-to-side or end-to-end motion produces nothing and when the wire is
held still in the field there is no reading.
·If the wire is moved upwards the flow of current is in the opposite
direction to that when the wire is moved downwards.…read more

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A current is caused by a wire breaking
magnetic field lines
· A current is only induced when the magnet
is moving
· Changing the direction of the movement
changes the direction of the current…read more

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Moving a Magnet through a coil
·The faster the movement, the bigger the
·The stronger the magnet, the bigger the
·The more coils of wire, the bigger the current.…read more

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