Generating power

Advantages and Disadvantages

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Generating power
Energy Renewable or Advantages Disadvantages
source non-renewab
Fossil fuels Non-renewabl Well-established technology Greenhouse gases
e Power generated where Acid rain
needed Supplies diminishing
Fuels easy to transport Pipeline can be interrupted
Oil and gases are easy to
transport through the pipelines
Solar Renewable Low maintenance cost Costly to set up
Easy to set up to supply Energy available from sun
individual households varies
Little visual pollution Cells insufficient so large
No pollution area needed
Wind Renewable No fuel cost Visual pollution
No pollution Variable output
Easy to maintain (easier on land Noise pollution
than sea) Limited availability of
suitable areas
Waves Renewable No fuel cost Limited sites around
No pollution coastline
Unreliable output
Energy transfer problems
Hydroelectric Renewable No fuel cost Dams destroy local
c No pollution ecology
Easy to maintain Limited availability of
Can provide leisure site suitable areas
Energy transfer over long
Surface pipes produce
visual pollution
Tidal Renewable No fuel cost Barrage damages local
No pollution environment
Provides leisure sites Visual pollution
Suitable site produces lots of
Barrage attracts tourists
Geothermal Renewable No fuel cost Not suitable for large scale
No pollution electricity production in UK

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Biomass Renewable Use energy from burning crop Greenhouse gases
therefore no fuel cost Large amount of crop
Nuclear fission Renewable or Plenty of raw material Large capital cost
non-renewabl Breed fuel for further reactions Large cost of processing
e No greenhouse gases fuel
Large power output per Dangers to workers
reactor Problem of disposal of
radioactive waste…read more


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