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Generating electricity:
Power stations:
In a coal or oil power station, the burning fuel heats up the water and turns it into steam. The steam drives
a turbine which turns an electricity generator. The steam is then condensed using a cooling tower so it can
be heated again.
In a…

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drives turbines which turns a generator.

Nuclear power station Fossil fuel power station
Fuel Uranium Coal, oil or gas
Energy released per Kg 1,000,000kWh 100kWh
(= about 10,000 X energy released per Kg of
Fossil Fuel
Waste Radioactive waste that need to be stored for Nonradioactive waste
many years

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Geothermal Comes from radioactive Renewable Not everywhere has hot
substances deep within the Doesn't depend on rocks close to the
earth. Cold water is pumped surface which means a
the weather drill shaft has to be
on to rocks heated by the No pollution many kilometres deep.
substances. Steam is…


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