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Number In percentage questions you may
- Converting recurring decimals to fractions: have to:
- Find a given percentage of an
No. of repeating digits Multiply by Divide by amount.
- Work out a percentage when given
1 (e.g. 0.5) 10 (5) 9 (5/9)
2 amounts.
2 (e.g. 0.45)…

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- Directly proportional to x means y = kx
- Directly proportional to x² means y = kx²
- Inversely proportional to x means y = k/x



- If the equation contains fractions, multiply by the LCM
- Linear inequalities: solid black circle means <= or >=,…

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- The exterior angle is equal to the sum of the two opposite interior
angles (in the case to the right, d = a + b)
- pentagon = 5 sides, hexagon = six sides

Rhombus Parallelogram- difference between it Trapezium
and a rhombus is only opposite sides of

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Constructing an angle bisector

Constructing a triangle with a compass

- Ratio of lengths = a:b or

- Ratio of areas = a2:b2 or

- Ratio of volumes = a3:b3 or

- If p(a) is the probability of an event happening and p(b)
the probability of it not happening,…


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