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THERMOCHROMIC PIGMENTS: Used in `chameleon' kettles, which change colour when boiling
and return to their original colour when cool
ERGONOMICS: The science of designing products, systems and environments for human
CABLE: A bundle of optical fibres that can carry many times more information than a
telephone line and over longer distances without the signal quality decreasing
BIODEGRADABLE POLYMERS: Materials derived from renewable raw materials that will
decompose in the natural environment but that have all the other characteristics of their
synthetic counterparts
ART DECO: An international style of decoration and architecture that developed in the late
19th century, it forms a bridge between Arts and Crafts and Modernism
GM TREES: Involves artificially inserting a gene from one plant into another producing a
change in the tree's biological characteristics
WIRELESS: Connections are made by transmitting the internet to a user's computer by
means of radio signals
CONCURRENT MANUFACTUING: All of the key people who work at each stage of the
design and manufacturing process working together to make sure the changes to one part of
the process will not require changes to be made at another
CGI: Now commonplace in films; used to create visual effects that would not be possible
using traditional means
ADSL: The most popular type of broadband in the UK, a way of sending data along an
existing telephone line that packs more information into the signal
KYOTO PROTOCOL: An amendment to the United Nations Framework Convention on
Climate Change which sets targets for the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
QRM: Developed to make companies more efficient and hence profitable; requires the
manufacturer to move from traditional batch production to `flow' production
EPOS: Enables a business to supply and deliver its products and services faster by reducing
the time between the placing of an order and the delivery of a product through the use of
laser read barcodes
KANBAN: Uses cards or containers as simple visual tools to indicate when to pull materials,
components or products through the production system
ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY: Describes the significant impact of
computers on manufacturing
KAIZEN: Also known as continuous improvement, where small changes are made to the
production process resulting in small improvements being made on a regular basis
ART NOUVEAU: Widely used to describe the architectural and decorative arts style that
emerged in France in the 1920s

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COMPOSITING: The background and foreground of a scene are shot and then combined in
this process
MOTION CAPTURE: Involves a person wearing markers near every joint to identify the
motion by the positions or angles between the markers
ISDN: Provides fully integrated digital services to users comprising digital telephony and
data transport services through existing telephone networks
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A machine that exhibits human intelligence and behaviour and
can demonstrate the ability to learn and adapt through experience
RAPID PROTOTYPING: Producing solid models from a…read more


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