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General A & A
Features of the archaic period in Free Standing sculpture
Patterned hair
Long hair on guys- Egyptian style
Bulky drapery that does not move in accordance with the body
Almond eyes
Non-naturalistic facial features
Archaic smile
Awkward stance- one foot in front of the other neither in…

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Vases about War
Francious vase- Kleites- Volute Krater- 570 BC
Ajax and Achilles playing a game- Exekias- Amphora- 540-530 BC
Hector fighting Achilles in the presence of Athena and Hermes-The Berlin Painter- Volute
Krater- 490-480 BC
The fall of Troy- Kleophrades- Hydria- 500-575 BC

Vases about Myth
Perseus pursued by…


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