Gene revolution in health


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Gene Revolution in Health
Use the internet and other sources to research information about the
disease cystic fibrosis. When you are ready, replace the instruction with
your work. Boxes and fonts can be adjusted to the size you want. Remember
to stick to one page.
The following websites may be useful. Some are very advanced so only use
the information you understand.
Before starting, you must save this sheet into your own home area.
When you have finished, print it out and hand in next lesson.
Cystic fibrosis Paste in a picture
Write in some facts about the symptoms of cystic
Paste in a picture of a
Current treatment patient receiving
Write in some facts about how the disease is
How long do people with the disease normally live?
Paste in some pictures
Possibilities for gene therapy
on gene therapy
Write some facts about hoe gene therapy might


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