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Dysphoria…read more

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What is gender dysphoria?
· Gender dysphoria is a disorder
· First recognised in DSM in 1980
It is also known as gender
identity disorder (GID)
· It is a mismatch between
anatomy (biological) & gender
identity (psychological) ­ they
identify with the opposite sex
· Most extreme is transsexualism
· Please note - NOT the same as
intersex or those with
abnormalities of the sex organs…read more

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If the four diagnostic criteria in
the (DSM-IV-TR) are met a
diagnosis of GID can be made
The criteria are:
· Long-standing and strong
identification with another gender
· Long-standing disquiet about the sex
assigned or a sense of incongruity in
the gender-assigned role of that sex
· The diagnosis is not made if the
individual also has physical intersex
· Significant clinical discomfort or
impairment at work, social situations,
or other important life areas…read more

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APA (2007) ­ based on stats from
the Netherlands the incidence is:
· Biological females ­ 1/30400
· Biological males ­ 1/11900
NHS Direct ­ 1/4000 in UK receiving
medical treatment for GID
Men diagnosed 5 x more often than
women in UK
Zucker & Green (1992) suggests
boys may be more vulnerable in
early foetal development ­ male
development may not be complete
if only partial secretion of
androgens…read more

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These stats do not
tell us whether
the GID is mild or
Or whether all
who have it
seek treatment
Therefore are the stats etc
There may be many more
who don't expose their
GID…read more

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· Likely to be more valid
· Eklund (1988) ­ prevalence
of transsexualism in
· 1980 ­ 1/45000
· 1983 ­ 1/26000
· 1986 ­ 1/18000
· So why is transsexualism
· It isn't ­ more likely to be
acceptance in society and
therefore disclosure of their
· + advances in medicine =
solution possible…read more

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