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AS Sociology ­ Unit 2 (Education)

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Remember that gender differences are
NOT a result of the educational system,
so never imply they are accidentally
Also, note that gender differences arise
from early socialisation
Sometimes (depending on the question)
its worth mentioning changes in the
position of women too ­ make it
relevant though!…read more

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Gender routes
This means simply the `route' that a boy or girl takes
­ their subject choice
Now this make shock you... But boys tend to take
more physical subjects such as ICT, P.E and science
Whereas girls are much more likely to succeed at
subjects that are more academic especially english
literature and creative writing
Why do they make these choices? Because of
socialisation. Primary socialisation teaches boys to
be physical such as sports or model building
whereas girls are encouraged to do art, reading and
However, its important to note that not all follow
the pattern. GIST for example (Girls into Science
and Technology) is an organisation that encourages
girls to go into the currently male dominated areas
of education and careers.…read more

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Gender relationships
The role models available for boys and girls
at school
It is noted that schools have predominantly
female teachers, resulting in a lack of male
role models for boys ­ especially as lone
parent families is on the rise too ­
therefore advantaging girls in education
(also described as part of the feminisation
of education)
Organisations such as Aim Higher, which
organises high status males to go into
schools and help out aim to improve this
and give boys something to look up to
essentially…read more

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Impact of GCSEs and
The introduction of GCSEs bought along with it
coursework and the linear system both of which
can be argued advantage girls in education
This is because, as mentioned before in a
previous slide, early socialisation encourages
girls to do activities which require them to be
patient and take care and pride into their work
though detail and presentation which reflects
the way coursework is needed to be. However
boys who have not been socialised the same,
find it difficult to focus on a task and do not put
as much effort, detail and care into their
coursework.…read more

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Sue Sharpe's study
Changing ambitions of girls
This reflects what I put at the beginning. It
is not an education point completely but
could be bought in if it is relevant.
She interviewed girls in 1974 and their
ambitions then were "love, marriage,
husband then a job"
However, girls interviewed in 1996 said
their ambitions were "a job, career and the
ability to support themselves"
This point is an explanation for boys under-
achievement. (note that boys are still
progressing, just not as fast as girls)…read more

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