Gender and religious beliefs

18 mark question on the relationship between gender and religious belief and practice

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Evaluate sociological explanations of the relationship between gender and religious
belief and practice. (18 marks)
Candidates should explore a range of issues relating to gender and religious belief and
practice. These may include membership of different religious groups, other religious activity,
changing forms of worship and belief, the needs of individuals in society today, ethnicity,
social class and age. Many candidates may focus predominantly on women, but better
answers may look also at the religious behaviour of men. Many answers may deal with this
question using mainly empirical material. However, relevant views from different
perspectives such as feminism, functionalism, Marxism and postmodernism will be
integrated into better answers.
In answering this question, candidates may refer to some of the following sources and/or
relevant alternative ones: Bruce, Wilson, El Saadawi, de Beauvoir, Armstrong, Parsons,
Weber, Marx, Engels, Wallis, Heelas, Hamilton, Martin


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