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English Language
Revision Pack

By Michael Hayter

English Language A2 Revision Pack 2012

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Strodes College


Language and Gender

Deficit Theory
Jesperson - Language: It's Nature, Development and Origin (1922)
Lakoff - Language and Woman's Place (1975)
Liladhar - Jenny Eclair, The Rotting Old Whore of Comedy (2000)
O'Barr and Atkins (1980)

Dominance Theory
Zimmerman and…

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Strodes College

Language and Gender

Deficit Theory

Jesperson - Language: It's Nature, Development and Origin (1922)
· Women talk too much
· Half-finished sentences - they talk before they think.
· Women tend to use the co-ordinating conjuction "and" more because their language is emotionally based and aren't
aware of…

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Strodes College

· Avoid coarse language or expletives
· Use indirect commands and requests: (for example, "My, isn't it cold in here?" - really a request to turn the heat on or
close a window)
· Use more intensifiers: especially so and very (for instance, "I am so glad you…

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Strodes College

Difference Theory

Tannen (1990)
Status vs. Support

Men grow up in a world in which conversation is competitive - they seek to achieve the upper hand or prevent others from
dominating them. Women, however, use language to gain confirmation and support for their ideas. Men see the world…

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Strodes College

Interruptions and overlapping

Tannen makes a difference between interruptions and overlapping. Interruption isn't simply making a sound as another
speaks - they may be supportive and affirming, which Tannen calls co-operative overlap. Equally it may be an attempt to
control the conversation - competitive overlap.
High Involvement and…




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