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Explanations of Gender Inequality
A2 Sociology…read more

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Horizontal Segregation
i.e. men & women work in different types
of jobs in different sections of the economy
Public sector - Mainly employed in health,
education & teaching
Private sector ­ clerical, administrative,
retail & personal services
There has recently been a breakdown this…read more

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Vertical Segregation
Women occupy the lower levels of pay in particular
Skills & status
Women are concentrated at the lower levels
They encounter the `glass ceiling'
Women earn significantly less than men
Equal pay will only come about in 2040
Work Situation
Women work part-time/temporary more i.e. Post-
Reduced pay & security…read more

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What about men?
Mac An Ghaill (1996) ­ there is a
general crisis in masculinity
Fragmentation of masculinity
Feminization of the workplace…read more

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Functionalism & human capital theory
Separate gender roles for men/women are good for society i.e.
Expressive & instrumental roles
Women are less motivated & less suited to the labour market than
men, so will be paid less...
...The `gender pay gap' reflects the greater `human capital' that men
Women more likely to have inconsistent employment records
because of family commitments whilst men have unbroken
employment, education & training
Evaluation: Olsen & Walby (2004)
Women face systematic disadvantage in acquiring human capital i.e. Sexual
discrimination & the dismissal of part-time experience…read more

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Neo-Weberianism & Dual
Labour Market Theory
Barron & Norris (1976)
Women are disadvantaged in the
secondary sector:
Women are stereotypically unsuitable i.e. less
dependable, financially dependent etc
Women have disruptive career development i.
e. child-rearing
Weak legal & political framework supporting
women i.e. weak Sex Discrimination Act…read more

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thanks helpful



Really detailed and good info



A great summary of the topic of gender inequality, the ppt not only includes the key concepts, key theorist but also identifies key counterarguments. Great job !



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hi people

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