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Explanations for differences in mortality and morbidity

Why don't men live as long as women? Why are women more likely to be ill than men?
(1) Biomedical explanation ­ boys are genetically
and physically the weaker sex at birth. They
experience higher infant mortality than female babies.
Women also have…

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suicides in 2006; (iv) men smoke than women; (v) men
are less careful in what they eat; (vi) car and
motorcycle accidents are a major cause of death of
young men; (vii) men may do the most risky jobs in
the home such as re-wiring the house, going up

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majority of the 500 plus workers killed every year in family members get enough to eat and are more likely to
accidents at work and are more likely than women to spend any spare income on their children rather than
be exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals which may themselves…


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