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Gender and Achievement
Why have girls improved?…read more

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Why have girls improved
· Legal Policy.
· Sex discrimination act 1975 which
made it illegal to discriminate over
gender in education.
· National curriculum which made some
subjects compulsory.
· Changing expectations as girls are now
expected to achieve academically and
have a career.…read more

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Why have girls improved?
· Aspirations have changed for girls.
· Sharp 1976 interviewed working class
girls and found they aspired to
motherhood and family. In 1994 she
repeated her research and found they
were more career orientated and took
for granted equal opportunity.…read more

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Boys underachievement
· Structure of the economy has led to a
reduction in manual work traditionally
undertaken by males creating a crisis
of masculinity.
· Lack of male role models.
· Feminisation of education.
· Lack of aspirations from boys leads to
anti school subcultures.…read more

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Boys underachievement
· Low expectations from parents and
· Both of the above may create the self
fulfilling prophecy.
· Boys being penalised by male peers
for attempting to succeed.…read more

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Anti school subcultures
· Anti education
· Anti intellectual
· Anti learning culture.…read more


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