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Gender and achievement…read more

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Gender and achievement
Historically boys outperformed girls but
in the past three generations that all
Girls have overtaken boys at all levels.
This pattern occurs across ethnicities
and social class.
Sociologists ask themselves "why have
girls achieved this improvement"
There are three possible answers....…read more

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Legal and policy reforms.
Reforms have opened opportunities for
Sex discrimination act was introduced
and this made gender discrimination
They also made filtering students into
gender specific subjects illegal.
National curriculum was then introduced
so males and females learn the same
important subjects.…read more

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Shifting expectations
Girls have had broadening opportunities
therefore much us now expected of
Messages from home and the media and
sometimes the attitudes of the media is
more aspirational.
girls were marginalised in the classroom
especially in subjects like maths and
science, these expectations have now
changed.…read more

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Changing aspirations
Girls now have their sights set on higher
education and a career.
Aspirations have increased over time.
A sociologist interviewed girls in 1970's
their aspirations were only on family and
In 1990's girls wanted to go university
and wanted good careers.…read more

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Are boys the new
The improvement in girls attainment has
led sociologists to suggest that boys are
the new underachievers.…read more

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