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Background to Vietnam

Vietnam Coursework Background

When and how did the USA get involved in the Vietnam War?

The giving of aid (money) began in 1945, when France resumed control cover Indo-
China from Japan; they did this so as to support the containment of Communism.
This was also to…

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Background to Vietnam

What was the Tonkin Resolution? What caused it?

The Tonkin Resolution was passed by Congress in order to allow President Johnson
unlimited power when he thought it was necessary to "halt aggression". It came
about, as in 1964 North Vietnamese naval ships open fired on a US…

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Background to Vietnam

Vietnam. The Americans and the South Vietnamese did eventually push the
Communist forces back, but they then began to realise how this was a war which
would not be won. Richard Nixon thought it would be best at that moment to get
out of Vietnam.

Why couldn't…


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