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Stem Cells
What conditions do scientists
believe can be helped by stem
cells?…read more

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What are stem cells?
· Stem cells are cells that have the ability to become any type of cell
in an organism. They can be found in large quantities in developing
· Stem cells do not have a Hayflick limit, this means that they will
continue to divide and multiply and not stop. Although stem cells do
not stop multiplying, they are not a danger to the human body or any
other organism.…read more

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Many conditions could be treated using stem cells. Scientists believe
that they can replace damaged or dead stem cells with new ones.
Some of these conditions are:
· Parkinson's disease
· Spinal cord injury's
· Burns
· Heart disease
· Diabetes
· Arthritis
· Many different types of cancer cells.…read more

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· Scientists believe that stem cells can be used to help treat
· Cancer cells do not have a Hayflick limit, therefore they
continue to multiply. A mutation occurs in the genes of a cell
which causes the cell to keep on dividing over and over
again. This will eventually cause a lump of cells called a
tumour which can be a severe risk to someone's health.
· Scientists believe that stem cells can be used to treat
cancer because they can be used to replace the cells that
are faulty and mutations.…read more


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