GCSE Religious Studies Unit 1. (Religion & Citizenship)

Here are some notes on topic 1 (Religion and Relationships) of the paper to do with Christianity. It includes teachings from religious texts also.

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Christians believe sex should only take place within marriage, outside marriage it becomes as sin:
The Christian Church has very strict views on love and sex. Christians are encouraged to love one another in a non-sexual
way: `agape'.
Christians believe that sexual intercourse is wrong unless it happens within a marriage:
"Flee from sexual immorality."
Corinthians 6:18
Christians are opposed to homosexuality:
"Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion."
Romans 1:27
Christians see marriage as vows taken before God:
Marriage is important because:
o It's a gift from God.
o It's part of God's plan for creation.
o It provides a relationship of support, love and faithfulness.
o It provides a secure environment for the bringing up of children.
Christians do not encourage divorce:
The teaching of Jesus in the New Testament is against divorce.
Adultery is also wrong according to the teachings of the Ten Commandments:
"You shall not commit adultery."
Exodus 20:14
Cohabitation (living together without being married):
Some Protestant churches accept cohabitation although they hope that the couple will eventually choose to be married in
The Roman Catholic Church opposes cohabitation.
The Roman Catholic Church believes the use of contraception is against natural law.
Most Protestant churches now see the use of contraception within marriage as a responsible way of planning a family. It allows
sex to be enjoyed without the fear of an unwanted pregnancy.


Miss KHP

A look at issues such as divorce and homosexuality from a Christian perspective. Includes verses which should save you time from doing this yourself.

Do remember Christian people can have differing opinions like anyone else, so not all would be against homosexuality, so do be careful not to generalise.

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