GCSE Religious studies- Catholicism topic 5 B574

This revision guide has all the terminology for OCR GCSE catholicism b574 topic 5: religion in the faith community and family. It will be relevant to those studying christianity gcse in general too!

It includes:

  • Sacraments
  • Beliefs about Mary
  • the Bible
  • Chrisitian discipleship
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Topic 5: Religion in the faith community and the family

Baptism- Sacrament that cleanses original sin and marks the initiation into the Christian faith. The
word `baptism' comes from the Greek word meaning `washed or bathed.'
God Parents: Are spiritually responsible for the child being baptised.
White Clothing: represents the…

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(selfless love) begins in the home where treating others fairly and equitably and sharing are the basis
of family life.

Confirmation- The sacrament which demonstrates an adult decision to become a member of the
Christian faith, symbolised by the Bishop's laying of the hands on the candidate.
Presentation of the…

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it. It fosters love and warmth and security, promoting mutual trust and life-affirming relationships.
We need to be mature for marriage but equally marriage can help us grow and mature as Christians.

RCIA- process which interested adults are gradually introduced to RC faith and way of life. It involves

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The Apostles Vocational Tasks:
To make disciples of all the nations;
To preach Gods Word faithfully and live it in practice;
To baptise others;
To forgive sins;
To celebrate the Eucharist;
To carry their cross daily and follow Him no matter what suffering might result.

Christian discipleship: (matthew 25:40b)


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