GCSE Physics Unit 3 - Centripetal force, satellites & magnetism

Fairly comprehensive notes covering;

  • centripetal force
  • artificial and natural satellites
  • basic principles of magnetism.

Created for the 2011 AQA unit 3 exam - any changes to the specification since then are not included.

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Centripetal Force

This force acts when we whirl a cork on a string
around. It acts inwardly towards the middle of the
circle, like so

o The cork travels at the same speed, but
changes direction.
o As it changes direction its velocity changes.
o The velocity changes thus it…

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Artificial Satellites
Satellites have to move at the correct speed for their heights above the Earth.
o If they move too slowly, they crash into Earth.
o If they move too fast, they fly off into space.
These lower satellites go fast, and higher satellites go slow.

Monitoring/Observation Satellites

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There is also a magnetic field around the Earth,
and four magnetic materials (cobalt, nickel,
iron and steel).

Materials can be magnetised or
nonmagnetized molecules in a magnetized
material behave like a tiny magnet each.

Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials

o Soft magnetic materials are only temporary magnets. They…


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