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Photosynthesis…read more

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What is Photosynthesis?
This is the process of how plants
make food for themselves.
Photosynthesis happens in the
leaves of all green plants. This is
mainly what the leaves are for.
Chloroplasts are found inside leaf
cells and this is where
photosynthesis occurs.
Inside chloroplasts is a substance
called chlorophyll, not only does
the make the leaf green but it
absorbs the suns light and uses its
energy to convert carbon dioxide
and water into glucose.…read more

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Word Equation…read more

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Things needed for
1) Light 2)
The sunlight that Chlorophyll
This is the green
beats down on the substance that is
leaves provides the found the in the
energy for the chloroplasts which
reaction. make the leaves look
4) Water
The water needed for
3) Carbon photosynthesis is
The carbon dioxide drawn up from the soil
diffuses from the air which goes up the
into the leaf from the root and stem, and
air around. into the leaf via the
veins (xylem and…read more

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How do plants use the
1) Respiration ­ This the releases energy that enables plants to
convert the rest of the glucose into various useful substance e.g.
build new cell walls.
2)Making fruits ­ Glucose is combined with fructose to make
sucrose which is used to make fruits.
3)Making cell walls ­ Glucose is converted into cellulose for
making new cell walls which support and strengthen the cells.
4) Making proteins ­ Glucose is combined with nitrates to make
amino acids which are then made into proteins.
5)Stored in seeds ­ Glucose is turned into lipids for storing in
6)Stored as starch ­ Glucose is turned into starch and then
stored in roots, stems and leaves ready for use when
photosynthesis isn't happening, like in winter.…read more

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Rate of Photosynthesis
A plants rate of photosynthesis is affected by the light
intensity, Carbon dioxide levels and the temperature.
LIMITING FACTOR depends on the conditions.
A limiting factor is something that stops
photosynthesis happening any faster. The light
intensity, Carbon Dioxide levels and temperature can
all be the limiting factor.
The limiting factor depends on the environmental
conditions such as in the winter, the temperature is
the limiting factor or at night, the light is likely to be
the limiting factor.…read more

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