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Gravity and Circular Motion

The two types of satellite are natural and artificial
Artificial ­ Navigation, spy, military, weather, communications
Natural ­ The Moon

Geo stationery
Satellites orbit with the same period as the earth
36000km above the equator
so from the surface of the Earth their position appear…

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by the fact that is moving at a high velocity
Gravity also keeps the moon in orbit around the Earth
The moon orbits the Earth every month (28 days)

Vectors and Equations of Motion

Vectors have magnitude and direction
Scalars only have magnitude



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If they meet each other exactly in phase, the amplitudes `add up' to produce large crests and

Destructive interference
If two waves meet each other exactly out of phase
The amplitudes `subtract' to produce no peaks or crests.

Young slits
To get two waves of light to interfere, the…

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Time is measured in seconds (s).
Force is measured in newtons (N).

Ripple tank
A ripple tank is a device used to study the behaviour of waves, because all waves behave in
a similar manner.
A ripple tank produces water waves that can be reflected, refracted and diffracted.

Reflection and…

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Different types of radio waves are used to transmit signals for radio, TV, mobile phones,
Wi-Fi and satellite communications
In a transmitter, sound waves are turned into oscillating current
This is then turned into radio waves in an aerial.
In a receiver, radio waves are picked up by another aerial…




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