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West side story takes place in late 50s, early sixties and
involves to rival gangs, the jets and the sharks. Deals with the
ideas of racial tensions and divisions between New York street
kids during that time period. Music by Leonard Bernstein,
music has become very popular with songs including
"something's coming" "America" and "I feel pretty".
Many of the key characters in West Side Story are based on
counterparts in Romeo and Juliet:
Act 1 Act 2
Overture (Instrumental) "I Feel Pretty" ("Me Siento Hermosa"
"Prologue" (Instrumental) ­ Jets and in the 2009 revival) ­ Maria, Consuelo,
Sharks Rosalia, Teresita, Francisca and Shark
"Jet Song" ­ Riff, Action, Baby John, Girls.
A-rab, Big Deal and Jets "Somewhere" (Song and Dance) ­
"Something's Coming" ­ Tony Company and "Dream Consuelo" (in
"Dance At The Gym" (Instrumental) ­ the 2009 revival, "Kiddo", Tony, Maria,
Jets and Sharks and Company)
"Maria" ­ Tony "Gee, Officer Krupke" ­ Action, A-rab,
"Tonight" ­ Tony and Maria Diesel, Baby John and the Jets
"America" ­ Anita, Rosalia, Shark Girls, "A Boy Like That" ("Un Hombre Así" in
and Sharks the 2009 revival) / "I Have A Love" ­
"Cool" ­ Riff and Jets Anita and Maria
"One Hand, One Heart" ­ Tony and "Taunting Scene" (Instrumental) ­
Maria Anita and Jets
"Tonight Quintet and Chorus" ­ Anita, "Finale" ­ Tony and Maria
Tony, Maria, Jets and Sharks
"The Rumble" (Dance) ­ Jets and Sharks


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